Jellybellies French Bulldogs

Bennington, VT

JellyBellies Works The Room “Leno”


What a way to start his very first shows! Leno had a great 3 day weekend. Friday 11-25-2016, Windham Kennel Club…3pt major and BOW under the Great man himself Jimmy Moses. Saturday 11-26-2016, South Windsor Kennel Club..4 pt. major…under Mr. Rodney E. Herner. Sunday 11-27-2016, Springfield Kennel Club…3 point major and BOW under Mrs. Janet Sinclair.



Health Testing:

CERF: normal-FBU-EYE709/11M-NOPI

JHC-clear by DNA

Cystinuria: 1-1

HIPS: pending

CARDIAC: pending

SPINE: pending

PATELLAS: pending

D Locus: D/D negative for the dilution gene